What changes in pension legislation have occurred since January 2016 year retirees who continue to work?

With the year 2016 working pensioners will receive insurance and fixed payment to her without taking into account planned indexation.

Indexing insurance pensions in February 2016 years held only to those retirees who as of September 30, 2015 year didn't work. This date is due to the fact that the work is established on the basis of information employers they are quarterly Pension Fund and September 30, 2015 year is the last day of the last reporting period, and the latest data available in the Pension Fund, is exactly on that date.

If a pensioner is classified as self-employed persons, i.e. is registered in the Pension Fund as an individual entrepreneur, notary, lawyer, then working it will be treated as if is registered in the Pension Fund as of December 31, 2015 year.

A pensioner who stopped work after September 30, 2015 years, namely in the period from October 1, 2015 year on year March 31, 2016, should apply to the RPF statement providing supporting documents on cessation of work (this is a work book, excerpt from the order of dismissal, contract of employment, etc.). File a complaint with the relevant documents to the Pension Fund may May 31, 2016 citizen of the year.

With 2 quarter year 2016 for employers is entered monthly simplified reporting, and the fact of work or don't work will be automatically determined by the Pension Fund on the basis of the data on employers, which they will submit to the FIU monthly.

Upon receipt and processing of reporting, from which it follows that a pensioner has stopped working, the decision on the payment of pensions in the light of the indexation will be delivered in the month following the month when the information will be stored on his personal account in the system of personified accounting. Getting insurance pension taking into account indexation held during operation. It will start with the month following the month in which the decision was rendered

In addition, pensioners who have worked in 2015 year 2016 year in August the annual recalculation of bezzaâvitel′nyj will be made on the basis of assessed for year 2015 pension credits, but in cash no more than three of pension credits under the legislation.

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