What employers need to know?

Payments for compulsory pension and health insurance, starting with charges for January 2010 shall be credited to the account of the RPF Branch opened in the organs of the federal Treasury. Props can be clarified in the management of the RPF in Pavlovsk area at: art. Pavlovskaya str. Bitter, 292 rooms 302, 305, 306. For each type of payment to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and in the statutory health insurance funds are issued separate payment orders to the relevant budget classification codes.

Period of insurance contributions to the FIU and MHIF: monthly up to 15 new month. Accrued but unpaid to 15 the number of insurance contributions are recognized nedoimkoj, shall be collected from the imposition of fines in the amount of 1/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank, starting with 16.

Insurance contributions reporting to the FIU and MHIF appears quarterly.

Calculation of unpaid and paid insurance contributions (RVs-1) appears, starting with the 1 quarter 2010 year in Managing the FIU at the place of registration of the insured. Reporting period-up to 1 the number of the second calendar month following the reporting period. That is for 1 quarter RVs-1 is 1 April to 1 may, for the 2 quarter-with 1 July to 1 August, the 3 quarter-with 1 October until 1 November, for a year-before 1 February following the reporting year. Payments will be made in accordance with the schedule, notifications of deadline for the submission to the WAN-1 will be sent to employers.

RVs-1 shall be submitted to the insurance payer:

-personally or through a representative on paper together with a machine-readable carrier;

-personally or through a representative at the computer-readable medium with an electronic digital signature;

-Telecommunication communication channel

The representative of the insurance contribution payer should have a power of Attorney from the employer.

Manage FIU will produce desk checks quarterly calculations, as well as documentary validation of calculations by means of the RPF and MHIF with periodicity 1 time in 3 years.

Changes the order of recovery of arrears of contributions, penalties have elapsed in the RPF and MHIF-manage FIU has the ability to quickly bring order to the Bank for debt recovery directly from the debtor's checking account without recourse to the entry of other structures.

The penalty for violation: insurers liable federal law dated July 24, 2009, 2011. # 212-FZ envisages fines.

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