When and how you can dispose of the parent (family) capital?

Within the framework of the Federal law dated 29 December 2006 no. 256-FZ «about additional measures of State support for families with children ", which originally defined the direction of spending maternal capital (family), it was indicated that apply on the disposition of assets or part of the assets of the parent (family) capital is only possible after 2.5 years from the date of the birth or adoption of a second or subsequent child (i.e. that child, whose birth gave the family the right to capital). And order means — not before execution of the child 3 years. As an exception, according to the Federal law from 25.12.2008 No. 288-FZ, order means maternity capital regardless of the age of the children is already in the year 2009, if you send them on a repayment of principal or interest on loans for the purchase or construction of housing, including mortgages. This work is carried out actively and UPFR in Pavlovsk area and today 33 families in the area have taken advantage of this right. In total, credit institutions on loans was sent to more than 8 million roubles.

Another early use of maternity capital in 2009, a one-time cash payment of $ 12000 rubles. To apply for this payment can all certificate holders, regardless of how much time has elapsed since the birth of the second or subsequent children, except for those families who ordered data means to repay the loans in full, i.e. in the amount of 312,162.50 USD. It must be borne in mind that the treatment for the payment data should take place no later than 31.12.2009. For those citizens eligible for additional government support measures which arises from 01.10.2009 to 31.12.2009 filing applications for lump sum extended until 31 March of the year. We would like to draw the attention of the readers, that the payment is a one-time character 12000 rubles.

In connection with the beginning of the second phase of the Federal Law No. 256, it should be noted that the statement on the disposition of the action may be brought at any time after two years and six months from the day of birth (adoption) of the second, third or subsequent children, but no later than 1 may of the current year for funds (a part of money) parent (family) capital in the second half of the year, or no later than 1 October of the current year for funds (a part of money) parent (family) capital in the first half of the year following the year of application for disposal. This means that parents who received certificates as they have the right to additional government support measures, may apply to the territorial body of the RPF after two years and six months from the date of birth of the child of the second, third or subsequent children.

Again for some directions to the persons to whom the certificate, may dispose of the parent (family) capital.

This is:

-improvement of living conditions

-education child (children)

-formation of the accumulative part of pensions for women

Order means capital can be in full or in part. Just dispose maternity capital can be specified simultaneously in several directions.

Today the size of maternity capital is 312,162.50 USD. A detailed consultation on the list of the documents to be submitted with an application for the disposal of funds parent capital call 5-72-28.

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