Whether the insurance is counted when calculating pension period of care for the elderly?

Yes. In accordance with art. 11 of the law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation", the period of care exercised by the capable person for the Group 1 disabled, disabled child or for a person under the age of 80 years, counted in insurance on an equal footing with periods of work activities.

The content of the rules of calculation and confirmation of insurance to establish labour pensions approved by the RF Government Decree of 24.07.2002 No. 555, it follows that such a period is counted in the decision of the pension insurance authority at the place of residence of the person for whom care, on the basis of the application of working caregiver and documents certifying the age of an incapacitated person.

I want to take this opportunity to remind citizens exercising such care that in spite of the fact that the monies are paid to care very incapable person responsible for not reporting the occurrence of circumstances entailing the termination of care rests on the able-bodied citizens, caring and wrongly paid amounts should be recovered in the budget of the Pension Fund in full. The circumstances entailing the termination of the payment of compensation for care are one such device at work courting individuals, staging it registered at employment offices, establishing a pension paid to a person, termination of care and other circumstances. Unfortunately, in practice, not all persons actively formulated conscientiously treat their obligations and had not reported these facts, and sometimes do not report at all. In such cases, the funds illegally paid colourful individuals should be compensated on a voluntary basis, in the event that the funds will be reimbursed by the courts.

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