Who put the recalculation of pensions for childcare

Residents of the region are increasingly turning to the FIU management customer service with a question: if they rely more payment of pension for childcare during maternity leave. It is important to know that the question is not of supplementary payments and the related pension for periods of care of children until they reach the age of one, which produces only some citizens.     

 Recall periods, during which national insurance contributions are paid into the Pension Fund, called the insurance. Along with them there are so-called nestrahovye periods-when a citizen does not work and employers do not pay contributions for compulsory pension insurance, but his pension rights insurance retirement pension when it formed. To such periods just include childcare leave of up to 1.5 years.

A new procedure for the formation of pension rights and insurance pension calculation, introduced with the year 2015, allows you to increase the size of the assigned insurance some pensioners, through its recalculation in accordance with the existing notes to the periods which the citizen had been taken into account under the old rules, or when matching them with the work taken into account as insurance periods.

To the citizens themselves, without losing time, can navigate, whether to worry about idling, Manage FIU _Pavlovskom rajone_ publishes the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to re-calculation of pensions for the care of children up to one and a half years.

Who can apply for a re-calculation of pensions for children?

First of all, this recalculation can expect pensioners retired prior to year 2015:

  • have two or more children;

  • who had low wages and (or) a short employment history;

  • during the period of child care were labour relations with the employer.

The recalculation shall be carried out if the replacement of the "non-insured occupational child care period" will be beneficial to the pensioner.

Why periods of care had not been taken into account immediately for the purpose of retirement?

Such a rule introduced by law in the year 2015, but extends to the citizens, that occupational pensions were previously installed. With regard to the previous legislation, seniority until January 1, 2002 year was installed based on the entries in the work book and care periods is not recorded.

Is there a recalculation order, who was to retire in 2015 year or later?

Those appointed to the pension year 2015 and later worry about idling — the most advantageous option they selected for the purpose of retirement.

This increase in length?

No. This is an implementation of the new accounting rules, pension rights, in points. These rules apply including the pensions that have been assigned to the year 2015. They can be counted or periods of employment or periods of nestrahovye if they coincide. For example, you have 30 years experience, and have two periods of child care for a year and a half for every child-3 years in total. In the case of conversion of 30 years excluded three-year employment period, which would take into account three years of child care.

All profitable to do the recalculation of pensions?

No, not all. For example, it is unlikely to expect increases to those pensioners who retired before January 1, 2015 onwards, have a long employment history prior to January 1, 2002 onwards, taking into account the Soviet period up to the year 1992, and good wages in excess of the average salary in the country for the respective years. In 2010 year was carried out additional valuation (valorization) during the Soviet period of employment and the reduction of the length of service by replacing the childcare periods will reduce the amount of valorization. Those pensioners who have little work experience and low wages, it is useful to examine the possibility of increasing pensions by replacing periods of work for nestrahovye periods of childcare arrangements and to realize the right to recalculate.

What allowance is available?

Possible size increasing pensions for each individual.

What documents are needed for conversion?

Statement, birth certificates of children where there is a stamp on the receipt of passport (if there is no stamp, another document, Passport Kids certificate of residence) and the identity document of the pensioner.

How can I apply?

Apply for the recalculation of pension you can personally contact the Regional Office of the FIU in the place of residence; send statement form which provides administrative regulations providing RPF play for establishing pensions, approved by order of the Ministry of labor of RUSSIA from 19.01.2016 No. 14h.02, mailed with copies of required documents, certified by the notary; through a single portal public services (EPGU) (you must have confirmed an account in the ESIA-a uniform system of identification and authentication). Without registration in the ESIA apply for peraschet can be either at the reception in my c.b.s citizen "at FIU's official website (www.pfrf.ru) in the section" appointment ". Also make an appointment with a specialist customer service through free mobile application "FIU electronic services", which is available for IOS and Android platforms.

Get acquainted with the topic of the recalculation of pension insurance on the website of the Pension Fund in the relevant section of: http://www.pfrf.ru/grazdanam/pensionres/pereraschet/~3972

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