Why postal workers sell consumer goods? This is not their main "duty".

In accordance with the Charter of FSUE "Russian post" is a commercial organization and, as a consequence, not financed from the federal budget, so the level of employees ' salaries depending on the financial situation of the company.

As you know, basic services that the company provides to the population, are the public postal services, the tariffs for the provision of which are fixed by the State. While the costs of providing postal services are not covered by the revenues from their provision by established State tariffs.

Therefore the company forced to replenish losses from providing universal postal services at the expense of the development of retail trade and financial services. Thus, the development of commercial services primarily aimed at increasing profitability and, as a consequence, the improvement of working conditions of postal workers. In addition, provision of this type of service enterprise has and social orientation: there is a lot of regions and regions of Russia, where the only objects of trade activity on the sale of consumer goods are postal offices. Retail consumer goods without exception by all branches of the company.

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