Your pension depends on the premiums on your individual account

Your pension depends on the premiums on your individual account

By the results of 9 months of the year 2015 security funds of its own for the payment of pensions in Pavlovsk district is 28.4%, to ensure the timely payment of pensioners of the district labour pension is allocated a grant in the amount of 1259.5 million rubles. Such low security means the pension situation is due to the arrears of premiums for compulsory pension insurance payers making payments to physical persons, whose 9-month arrears 2015 year increased by 5.0 million. rub. and amounted to 01.10.2015 g. 25.4 million. rubles. Stable payers are natural gifts Pavlovsky SOCIETY Ltd., the new home of Pavlovsk SOCIETY», LLC «Development», LLC «COP-tech», LLC «Kuban exporter ", as well as businessmen-employers Kulakov g.Yu., Emanov v.v., Sharapova A.v.

Low payment discipline is celebrated and payers, not paying individuals, their debt to the FIU is 34.0 million. rubles.

FIU management activities for the recovery of arrears of premiums, penalties and fines for compulsory pension and health insurance in terms established by the legislation, only the bailiffs service performance are in the amount of Executive documents 2720 45.0 million. rudders.

In accordance with article 3 of the Federal law of December 15, 2001 No. 167-FZ "about obligatory pension insurance in the Russian Federation" premiums for compulsory pension insurance-individually vozmezdnye obligatory payments, which are paid to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the purpose of which is to ensure the right of a citizen to obtain mandatory insurance coverage for compulsory pension insurance.
Insurance premiums are fixed on an individual account, which the RPF opens every working citizen. What a great amount of contributions is fixed on your individual account to the FIU, the more pension-this is why it is important to get "white" salary.
Employer support "envelope wages" deprives employees of decent pensions in the future because of the "gray" wages are not made contributions to the Pension Fund.

In addition, the payment of "grey" salary deficit contributes to pension fund from which pensions are paid to current pensioners.

Even more severe consequences leads to work without official labour relations. In this case, employers fail to register their workers and do not produce accrual of compulsory insurance contributions into the Pension Fund.

Recall failure properly payers premiums statutory responsibilities, violates the pension rights of insured persons, including investment funds of pension accruals in accordance with the Federal law of July 24, 2002, no. 111-FZ «about investment funds for accumulative part of labour pension in Russia. "

Head UPFR in Pavlovsk area I.m. Andrusevich

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